California Enacts New Gun Control Measures

A number of states have implemented their own gun control measures recently, including California, which has just signed bills that increase the minimum age for purchasing rifles and shotguns from 18 to 21 and ban the possession of firearms for people convicted of domestic violence and those who have been hospitalized for mental health issues more than once in a one-year period.
Source: Democracy Now

Mega Millions jackpot hits record $1.6 billion

The Mega Millions lottery jackpot has reached a record $1.6 billion ahead of Tuesday night’s drawing. The semi-weekly prize has been ballooning since July 24, and had reached $1 billion ahead of Friday night’s drawing, when, again, nobody picked all six winning numbers. It is likely someone will win on Tuesday, as 75 percent of the 302 million possible combinations will be chosen by then, based on sales projections. Roughly 57 percent of the combinations had been chosen before Friday’s drawing. “Mega Millions has already entered historic territory, but it’s truly astounding to think that now the jackpot has reached an all-time world record,” said Gordon Medenica, lead director of the Mega Millions Group and director of Maryland Lottery and Gaming. [Reuters, The Washington Post]


Bolton meets with Russian counterpart after Trump threat to scrap treaty

National Security Adviser John Bolton met with his Russian counterpart on Monday, less than 48 hours after President Trump said he would withdraw the U.S. from a landmark 1987 nuclear weapons treaty because Moscow had violated it. Bolton and Russian Security Council chairman Nikolai Patrushev discussed arms control agreements, but also Syria, Iran, North Korea, and counterterrorism. Patrushev stressed that it was important to maintain the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, and reaffirmed Russia’s “readiness for joint work to consider mutual complaints regarding the treaty’s implementation,” the Security Council said. In its statement, the Security Council also said that ditching the treaty “would deal a serious blow to the entire international system of nuclear non-proliferation and arms control.”

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Turkey & Saudi Arabia

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan forcefully rejected Saudi Arabia’s claim that journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed in a fistfight at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Erdogan said it was a pre-planned killing. “To try and hide such a ferocious murder is against the conscience of humanity,” Erdogan told the Turkish Parliament in a speech that was still going on as we dropped this newsletter in your inbox. Erdogan gave a timeline of what Turkish officials think happened the day Khashoggi died, and he offered condolences to the slain journalist’s family. Click here for live updates on Erdogan’s speech. Meantime, surveillance footage obtained by CNN shows a Saudi operative wearing Khashoggi’s clothes in the hours after his murder.

Source: CNN