The markets in Asia and Europe were down overnight

The markets in Asia and Europe were down overnight as the shockwaves from the big drop in the US stock market reverberated around the world. The Dow plummeted 832 points Wednesday, the third-worst point decline in history. Tech stocks were hit especially hard. The rise in yields on US Treasury bonds, now near a seven-year high, was blamed for the massive sell-off. Stocks tend to slump after sharp spikes in yields because that makes bonds, which are seen as safer assets, more appealing. Wall Street is also reacting to the rise in interest rates. The Federal Reserve is steadily raising rates to keep inflation in check and make sure this red-hot economy doesn’t overheat.
Source: CNN News

Tropical Storm Michael

Michael is a tropical storm this morning, churning through central and eastern Georgia on its way to the storm-weary Carolinas. But everyone is just now getting a sense of the destruction it brought to Florida. Michael slammed into the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday as a powerful Category 4 storm with winds of 155 mph. It was the third-most powerful hurricane in history to hit the continental United States.
• At least two people are dead, untold numbers of homes and businesses have been destroyed and thousands are without power.
• The small coastal town of Mexico Beach, Florida, has been left in ruins.
• People who rode out the storm in their homes in Panama City saw their roofs fly away.
• Michael has been a monster storm unlike any other. CNN’s Holly Yan explains why.
• Michael’s strength may reflect the effect of climate change on storms. CNN’s John Sutter says it may be time to stop calling hurricanes “natural disasters.”
• You can track the storm here.
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Brett Kavanaugh moves towards Supreme Court confirmation with Susan Collins, Joe Manchin support

WASHINGTON – Republicans appeared to have enough votes to narrowly confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh after Sen. Susan Collins said Friday the nominee deserves a presumption of innocence against sexual allegation charges.

Apple is said to be making its iMac Pros and latest MacBook Pros much harder to fix

When your computer breaks, it’s always recommended to go back to the manufacturer before trying other repair options. They are likely to have a guaranteed fix and sometimes can do it free of charge, with third-parties coming in handy if the fix is simple or if the manufacturer is charging too much.

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